I am devoting all my time and energy towards my goal of making great online games and sharing my know-how along the way. Your contributions will help make this a reality. Among other things, they will contribute to the various costs related to building, hosting and delivering my content to you.

By contributing, you will help me create more articles, tutorials and open-source code. In addition, your support will also make my game projects progress faster and hopefully lead to great games that you will enjoy.

Regular contributions via Patreon

Patreon is a donation platform where contributors (called patrons) can form a community and support their favorite creators. It allows you to donate small amounts on a monthly basis, and to receive exclusive rewards in exchange. Click the button below to have a look at my Patreon page and choose the reward that interest you the most!

One-time contribution via Paypal

If you prefer to make non-recurring donations, then doing so via Paypal is the best solution. This option works even if you do not have Paypal account and/or prefer to use a credit card. The button below will allow you to donate the amount of your choice.

Affiliate contribution via Zenva

Another possibility for you to support me is by purchasing a Zenva product (for example, their HTML5 Phaser game development mini degree) by using the following affiliate link. By doing so, I will receive 30% of the purchase price. This is a good way for you to directly receive something tangible in return for supporting me.


I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to the following contributors for supporting Dynetis Games:

  • Brynn Bateman, follower of the first hour and very first patron.
  • Sean Pope, one of the first few patrons to support me.